What Does An Internal Medicine Doctor Do

    internal medicine

  • Specialties of medicine which includes prevention, diagnosis, and care of adults with general illness, disease and injury.
  • the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and (nonsurgical) treatment of diseases of the internal organs (especially in adults)
  • Generally, that branch of medicine that is concerned with diseases that do not require surgery, specifically, the study and treatment of internal organs and body systems; it encompasses many subspecialties; internists, the doctors who practice internal medicine, often serve as family physicians

    doctor do

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what does an internal medicine doctor do

This is how Boodle does Sunday mornings

This is how Boodle does Sunday mornings
Boodle relaxing this Sunday morning. I love knowing that all of my kitties are safe, well fed and curled up somewhere comfy. Mips is currently jumping around between a couple of cozy spots to snooze. Mushu is in the bathroom getting her kitty spa (aka a steam bath). Of course, by the time the doctor saw us last night, Mushu’s nose looked much better than it had during the rest of the day. They felt fine sending her home with us. They did give us a course of Zithromax and we have an appointment with a surgeon and an internal medicine doctor on Tuesday. If it’s not a polyp, then the internal medicine doctor can use a scope to get into Mushu’s nose and flush out the sinus cavity to wash out any germs etc. that might be up there. The ER doctor last night did see something in Mushu’s nose but there is no way to know without the x-ray whether it is a polyp or just inflamed tissue. We’ll see what they saw on Tuesday. I am hoping that we won’t need to have surgery.

Medical Mystery

Medical Mystery
A 40ish year old homeless alcoholic male with hepatitis C untreated presented to the urgent care clinic requesting antibiotics to treat the infection on his hands. He had had it for several months. It would start out as puritic blisters that would then become infected, draining pus and respond with antibiotics leaving scars. Had seen several doctors previously with normal blood work and been prescribed antibiotics. He did a lot of work in and around a pond where the fish had recently died. He had no other skin findings.

What’s the diagnosis?


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